3 Easy Ways to Refresh Your Skin w/ Honey

A sweet treat for your skin.

You might use honey in your coffee, tea or favorite food recipe, but have you ever considered using it for your skin?

Providing that you aren’t allergic, adding honey to your skin care regimen can lead to healthier clearer skin. Here are three surprising ways that honey can help you boost your skin care.

Moisture, moisture moisture

It’s well known that a moist skin is an ageless skin and being a natural humectant, honey draws moisture from the air directly into your skin.

  • After washing your face in the evening, try spreading a dollop of raw honey on your face, let it sit for a few minutes then rinse away with lukewarm water.

Dark Spot Eraser

A great way to decrease the appearance of scars and stimulate tissue regenerations Is by adding the following honey-rich concoction to your daily routine.

  • Mix a quarter sized amount of honey with another quarter sized amount of coconut oil together into a paste. Then massage the paste into the areas on your face that you want to treat for one minute. Rinse a washcloth in warm water and place over your face. After five minutes wipe the paste off your face. Repeat every day.

Sweet Exfoliation & Acne Fighter

Honey turmeric mask is the perfect antioxidant, anti-inflammatory mask to help you rejuvenate your skin.

  • Mix one teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of turmeric into a sweet paste. Massage the paste into your face. Let the mask remain on your face for five minutes, rinse of and repeat the next day.

Have you tried any other holistic skin treatments? Leave them in the comments below, I might give it a try!




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