AfroPunk Brooklyn

A Positive Experience

My awesome friend Kim invited me to attend AfroPunk and the entire day seemed to be a culminations of firsts for me.

It was my first time:

  1. Attending AfroPunk
  2. Having a Badu Live Experience
  3. Seeing Janelle Monáe perform
  4. Attending a festival or concert without having a press pass
  5. Drinking RedBull

I must say, it was a positive experience standing in the hot crowded field, befriending strangers and just having a genuinely good time.

The group of people that surrounded me seemed to be handpicked to make an already amazing experience even better. We laughed, sang, screamed, complained about the heat, took turns fanning each other, finessed our way into getting free water for our entire section, protected our space in the crowd by ensure that no one walked on “our” blanket while wearing shoes (long story) and in the end we all shared a moment in time together never to be repeated again.

That was priceless.

I put together an Instagram Highlight with some cellphone footage that I collected throughout the afternoon.

Below are some photos that I took while walking around. I asked Kim to choose my photo subjects (all of the posed images). Otherwise, I captured moments as I felt moved to.

Image Credits

Images were captured on August 26th 2018 – AfroPunk Day 2.

If you use any of these images, tag me on social media @jaylabastien or link back o this site.

If you recognize anyone in the photographs, please share in the comment section. I’d love to tag them.

Before You Leave, Share Your Thoughts

Did you attend AfroPunk? How was your experience? Were you pleasantly surprised about anything? Any other event that you think I should attend?

Let me know in the comment section below.

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