Being Intentional About Honing Your Creative Process

Show me someone on top of their field and I guarantee that they have a creative process—whether they know it or not.

There was a period of time where I would look up the creative process of well known innovators—from artists to scientists. 

It was then I realized that many of the people I admired had creative processes that were sometimes a bit atypical—feel free to look up Einstein and his thought experiments. 

There are writers who need to physically write on paper before typing. Adversely, there are illustrations whose creative processes require quiet meditation and visualization before they even touch a pen or paper.

For me, after an intense workout my creative juices overflow. Ideas just pop into my head from graphic designs to fun, innovative ways that I can help others. 

Either way, if you find yourself in a lull where you’re lacking motivation to innovate—before spiraling into a Netflix binge session, we’ve all been there—try changing up a few things. 

Leave the house, take a shower, play different types of music, go for a jog, meditate or even go to a library. 

The key is to try different things until you unlock that special process that leads you down the path of unbridled creativity. 

Tip: Ensure that your creative process doesn’t do harm to yourself or others because that kind of defeats the purpose.

Let’s Discuss

So, have you already unlocked your creative process? Start the conversation in the comment section below.

How did you find  out the special combination needed to tap into your creative power? Was it intentional or did you just stumble across it?

Or, are you struggling to find your creative process? If so, let’s discuss.

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