Blogging Professionally vs Blogging for Fun

Is there a difference? The answer might surprise you, or not.

Blogging has been around for almost three decades—fun fact, the first weblog was published in 1994.

However, blogging as an occupation only became relatively widespread over the last decade.

So, what’s the difference between blogging professionally versus blogging for fun? 

Well, it comes down to one thing: goals.

People who blog for fun, usually do so without the end goal of earning money. For them, blogging is often a hobby. 

Note: There are hobbyist bloggers who make money, but this is usually an organic side-effect of having useful content.

On the other hand, people who blog as an occupation need to be strategic about their planning to maximize earnings. When they decide to blog professionally, their blog becomes a business. Therefore, they have to treat it as they would any other business. 

A few things that they might have to consider when blogging professionally–that they wouldn’t necessarily care about as a hobbyist blogger:

  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • Accounting and Finances
  • Legal
  • Business Planning
  • Partnerships
  • Analytics

Professional bloggers would also need to give careful consideration to their audience, niche, tone, the reading level of their content, and other elements that have an impact on the growth of their blog/business and earning potential. 

So, if you are regularly engaging with content created by a professional blogger, it is essential to keep in mind that you are engaging with a business. Regardless of how amazing their content is, they are intentional about earning money. It is their occupation. 

The successful professional bloggers who have maintained their professional blogger status for years are usually the ones who genuinely focus on helping their readers while allowing money to be a strategic side-effect of the support that they give. 

Nutshell: When you blog professionally, you are operating a business and should be mindful of that. 

When you’re blogging for fun, earning money is not a significant factor; this gives you the freedom to share without giving much thought of your audience’s reaction or the impact on your bottom line.

I do not intend to be a full-time blogger, but I am on a journey to prove that earning 100K within two years is a realistic possibility for bloggers who are serious about serving their readers. 

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