Brooklyn Public Library Gives Access to Over 400,000 Electronic Books—For Free

An entire year of unlimited access.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, all Brooklyn Public Library locations are currently closed but no worries—there is still a way to get access to thousands of awesome books for free (if you live in the State of New York).

For a limited time, New York State Residents may visit the Brooklyn Public Library website to receive a free eCard and one year of unlimited access to over 400,000 books, magazines, audiobooks, and more on your phone, tablet or computer.

You can access the content through your phone, Kindle, tablet, or computer by using any of the eReaders that the Brooklyn Public Library subscribes to—they have a complete list of available eReaders here.

To view the books that are available for electronic access, visit the Brooklyn Public Library catalog and do an advanced search. There you can filter by format, simply select eBook or eAudiobook and continue with your search.

To learn more about, the books that are available electronically, visit the Brooklyn Public Library, eBooks and eAudiobooks page.

If you live in New York State, you can apply for a free eCard by visiting the Brooklyn Public Library website. If you live outside of New York State, no worries, you can purchase the eCard for $50—that’s still a huge deal!

You’ll have one year of access to an extensive catalog, of books, so get started on your reading list today!