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The Digital Resource List

If you’ve ever wanted to pick my brain, here’s a great place to start.

I’ve created a list of useful digital resources and tools that can be useful to you as you grow your business. This list is regularly updated, remember to bookmark this page for easy reference.

asterisks denote affilate links.

WordPress Tools and Plugins

Where Can I Purchase Good Premium WordPress Themes?

When I started developing websites, I would spend days coding sites from scratch and that was only if there was no eCommerce involved. Today, if you’re creating your website on WordPress themes take care of the majority of that heavy lifting for you.


Here are the first places that I visit to purchase Premium Themes for various projects:

Where Can I Download Free WordPress Themes?

Here are a few places online that you can download free WordPress themes to use on your next website:​

Where Can I Download Easy to Use Themes with Drag-and-Drop Builders?

There are possibly millions of themes available for almost any type of WordPress website. However, without knowing a little bit of code it might be difficult to customize many of these themes straight out of the box.


This is a short list of premium themes that are pre-packaged with drag and drop builders or interfaces—allowing you to customize your theme while knowing very little coding.

What Plugins Should I Use with on my WordPress Site?

These are some of the tools and plugins that I use for almost all of my WordPress installations:


Project Management Software

Project Management is essential when running a business. If you’re still using a notepad, it’s time to update to one of these tools.


Web + Social Media Tools

Where Can I Purchase a Domain Name?

Here are some of my go-to places for purchasing/registering domain names:

Where Can I Purchase Hosting for My Website?

These are my top three hosts for websites.

What Tools Can I Use to Manage My Social Media Accounts?

When managing social media for business, it’s important to have tools to help you  keep track of and organize your posts—especially if you’re a fan of batching. These tools are instrumental to me when managing social media accounts.

  • CoSchedule (although mentioned for WordPress, this platform is excellent for scheduling posts on various social media platforms, so I re-listed it here).
  • HootSuite
  • Planoly
I Need a Easy to Use Website Builder—Any Suggestions?

There are pros and cons to using builders, as with almost everything else in life. While WordPress is my preferred platform, these are some builders you can use to get started:

I Need a Good eCommerce Platform, Where Should I Start?

Depending on the needs of the particular project, I use any one the following eCommerce platforms.

Photo + Video

Photo Editing Software

Software that I use to edit photos.

Mobile Apps for Photo Editing

Whenever I’m on the go, I use a combination of the following photography apps to edit photos.

Video Editing Software

Here are a few video editing resources to get you started.

Mobile Apps for Editing Video

It’s refreshing to find apps that allow you to edit videos on the go. Here are some that I have tried and used:

Email Management Software

Gmail is great when corresponding with friends and family, but when operating a businesses, it is essential to upgrade to an email management system. Here are a few options to get you started:

Websites to Further Your Education

One of the most important parts of business ownership is being open to learning new things and applying them to your business. Here are a few platforms that can be visited to stay on the cutting edge of your industry:

Platforms to Host Your Online Courses

If teaching is a part of your business, then these platforms and plugins are great ways to host your online courses:

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