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$497—1 Hour

Over fifteen years ago, when I started learning about web design and development, Google was just a couple years old and educational resources on the web were few and far in-between.

Today, the influencers who want to launch eye catching websites and reach their audiences across the net are facing an entirely different struggle: information overload.

After seeing the sheer frustration experienced by influences, struggling to find the right website solutions for their needs, I’ve decided to offer my professional expertise and insight in the form of Discovery Sessions.


Discovery Sessions are designed to help you figure out what your next step should be when it comes to launching or relaunching your website. It’s geared towards helping you go from idea to launch without wasting time, resources, being overcharged for designs or even purchasing product and tools that you really don’t need.

It’s the perfect session for you if you’re:

  • unsure if you should take the Do-It-Yourself route or hire a developer
  • struggling to figure out what platform is best for your new website
  • not sure how much is too much to pay for your new website
  • have no clue what to expect when working with a new web developer
  • unclear about what you need for your website
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What to Expect

During our call, we’ll discuss the following elements:

Your Business. The solutions that might work for a seasoned professional might not work for someone who is just getting started in their industry. This is why it is important for me to understand the nature of your business as well as your positioning the industry to aid in my determination of the best solution for your website.

Brand and Vision. We will discuss everything from your brand visuals and audience to messaging and vision. During this part of the session, it’s important to have a few examples of websites that you love and what you like about each site. Make notes about anything from the simplicity of imagery to loading speed. This is certainly one of the more fun parts of the process.

Timeline. Are you working towards a hard-set launch date or do you have some flexibility concerning the duration of the creation process? Understanding any timeline restrictions or guidelines are an essential part of sculpting your solution.

Budget. Finally, we will discuss budget. A lot of us struggle with discussing money in reference to creative fields. Some of my past clients frankly have no idea how much they should pay for a website or how they should even approach that conversation.

The budget that you set for your website is usually a combination of at the value that you believe a website will add to your business and what you can afford to spend on a website.

Two questions that can help you determine your budget are:

How much money can I comfortably invest into the creation of a website over the next twelve months?

How much money am I willing to invest monthly for the lifetime of the site in  order to maintain the site and keep everything running smoothly?

There are no wrong answers to these questions, instead, there are different options available to different budgets.

However, whether you book this Discovery Session or not, it is not recommended that you take out loans or max out your credit cards to build a website. It simply isn’t necessary. This is especially true if you’re seeking to create your first website.

Preparation. It’s useful for you to give thought to these discussion points prior to our Discovery Session. This will ensure that you leave the call with maximum clarity on how to move forward with your website creation process.

In essence, if you’re looking for professional insight on any web related questions, then booking a Discovery Session one of the best ways to gain the clarity that you need before you invest thousands of dollars worth of your time or money into a website.

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