Five Types of Photography to Explore

Test them all out before settling down.

If you are an aspiring photographer it’s important to try and explore several different types of photography styles so that you can get a feel for the types of photography that you might enjoy best.

Below are some of the five types of photography that you could use to get started:


This style of photography mostly has to do with the idea of capturing a mood or a particular expression at one time. It can mean capturing many subjects before you end up getting the perfect artistic shot.

Action Photography

Action or documentary style photography often involves the chance to capture items candidly as they are happening. Action style photography requires a camera that’s capable of capturing quick exposure shots with a fast shutter speed or a burst mode. This style of photography is very popular for capturing sporting events and more.

Landscape or Wildlife Photography

Landscape and wildlife photography is very popular in photography. Take a walk and capture some of the beautiful scenes around your home or go to a specific wildlife preserve to see the landscapes and nature you can capture.

Long Exposure Photography

Long exposure night shots and landscapes can provide a unique perspective into the world. Long exposure and double exposure shots help you to tell a story as a photographer over time.

Macro Style Photography

If you’ve ever heard of the expression “ stop and smell the roses” macro photography gives you the chance to do that and more. Zooming in on the miniature aspects of nature and our world and capturing images on a smaller perspective can give you an appreciation for the scenes you have likely pass by every day. After some up close shots of insects, flowers, trees and more for a beautiful style of photography.

Consider each of these types of photography when you are exploring and trying to find your artistic expression in photos.


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