How I Chose the Topics for My Lifestyle Blog

I’ve officially chosen topics for my blog; here’s how I did it.

It’s the second week of my professional blogger experiment, and selecting my blog topics has been of the utmost importance. 

Note: This article, and all of my other “professional blogger experiment” content, will be assigned to the “Blogging” section. Doing this will be useful when I begin to share more lifestyle content. It will allow readers like you to keep track of my progress easily.

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Why Not Just Write About My Interests?

Since blogging has become an occupation, I need to treat it as I would any other business. Writing articles solely based on my interests, without providing value to my readers, would hinder my progress in building a readership.

Yes, the blog will still reflect my interests, but I need to ensure that my content also solves a problem for my readers. Doing this will encourage visitors to become regular readers–and, eventually, supporters and members of my blogging community.

To that end, I did some homework to identify the topics where my interests and the potential reader value converge.

Step One – List My Passions and Interests

Without going through an exhaustive list, here are a few of my passions and interests that made it to the top of the list:

  • Technology
  • Photography
  • Wellness
  • Graphic Design
  • Painting (Art)
  • Singing
  • Costume Jewelry Design
  • Makeup and Beauty
  • Travel
  • Research
  • Quantum Physics
  • Career

Step Two – Article Ideas

After listing my interests, the next step was to record one hundred article ideas under each interest. Spoiler alert: I was unable to do this for every item on the list. 

That is a good thing. 

According to my logic, if I can’t come up with one hundred article ideas for a topic, then it’s not the topic that I should include on my blog; the lifeline of that topic would be short-lived.

Step Three – Go Where Interest and Value Intersect

The final step was to review my top interests and figure out which topics would provide the most value to readers.

I started by asking the question: 

How can I use my knowledge and passion to be helpful to others?

For me, the answer was clear. Out of all of my passions and interests, technology—digital technology to be exact, was the field that had the most potential to provide value to my readers.

I’m proficient in digital technology, so writing one hundred article ideas about the topic was a breeze—I could probably write an article on digital tech every day.

So, topic one was selected: digital technology.

Now, on to part two: lifestyle.

Although I love digital technology, I aim to become a lifestyle blogger, not only a tech blogger. 

That’s because I genuinely desire to connect with my readers and to share only one facet of my interests (tech) would be too limiting. After all, I am a multi-passionate woman.

I love shopping, beauty, style, wellness, and a lot of other lifestyle-based topics. I can also quickly write hundreds of articles about these topics. While I’m not an expert in any of them, there is entertainment value in sharing curated shopping lists and “How I” tutorials. 

Okay, if I’m open, sharing about lifestyle will make this blogging process a bit more fun.

My Final Topics

With these exercises completed, here are the topics that I have selected:

  • Digital Technology
    • Information Systems
    • Web
    • Photography
    • Design
    • Blogging
    • Social Media
    • Applications
    • Freebies
  • Lifestyle
    • Beauty
    • Local: NYC
    • Style
    • Living
    • Wellness
    • Shopping

With these topics selected, the next step was to figure out my niche and get clear on my audience. Keep your eye on the blogging section of this site for updates.

Have you already started your blog? What topics do you discuss on your blog? How did you choose them? Let me know in the comment section.

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  1. Hey–Jay here!
    I’m so tempted to start a section on the blog to write about all of the other random things that I enjoy. K-Drama reviews would work on this blog, wouldn’t it? lol.

    What topics didn’t make it to your blog?



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