How I Identified My Blogging Niche

From blog topics to niche, I am sharing my process.

I’ve shared my process for selecting my blog topics: digital technology and lifestyle; however, these topics are very general. 

The next step in my process of becoming a professional lifestyle blogger is identifying my niche.

Tip: Being clear on a niche helps with a lot with defining your audience and monetizing your content.

Step One: Identify the Subtopics

The first step to identifying my niche was to break down each main topic into subtopics.

I share my main topics and subtopics in this article, but will re-list them here:

  • Digital Technology
    • Information Systems
    • Web
    • Photography
    • Design
    • Blogging
    • Social Media
    • Applications
    • Freebies
  • Lifestyle
    • Beauty
    • Local: NYC
    • Style
    • Living
    • Wellness
    • Shopping

Step Two: Identify the Value to Readers

For this step, I did a breakdown of each topic by answering the following question:

What problems can this topic solve for the reader?

In answering, I listed up to five problems or needs that each topic could address for readers.

For example:

  • What problem can blogging solve for my reader?
    • Sharing about blogging can help readers learn from my experiences.
    • Sharing about blogging can entertain readers, giving them front-row seats to my journey.
    • Sharing about blogging can encourage readers to start blogs of their own, giving them a platform for building a community of their own.
    • Sharing about blogging can help readers connect with my blogging community and me, fostering a sense of belonging.

After doing this for every topic, themes start becoming more evident. In the case of the breakdown of the “Blogging” topic, here are the themes that I identified:

  • Educate
  • Connection and Community
  • Entertainment
  • Motivation

Step Three: Identify the Major Themes

After identifying the value to readers and themes, I recognized the recurring themes for each topic: 

  • Educate
  • Entertain
  • Connect

Step Four: Meet the Strongest Need

Finally, I identified the most distinct need in my breakdown of all the topics: digital technology. 

The most substantial need was with readers who would want to learn how to use technology to improve their lives and start online businesses.

I realized that I could rely on my expertise in digital technology to support my niche.

Bonus: My lifestyle content will serve to entertain and foster community building. It will bring balance to all of the digital tech, educational content. 

Now that my niches are squared away, the next step is to get clear on my audience.

If I am clear about who my audience is, then I can create content that they want to see.

Have you figured out your niche yet? Did you use another technique? Share more about it in the comment section.

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