How to Automatically Create a Sitemap of Any Website—For Free

A simple way to generate a complete sitemap in minutes—for free.

Have you ever wondered how many pages are on a website, maybe even yours? Here’s a quick way to generate a sitemap in a few minutes.

Step One: Visit XML Sitemap Generator

Step Two: Select the Online Generator Button and Complete the Form

Step Three: Wait for Sitemap Generation Process to Complete

Step Four: Download and View Your Sitemap Report

That’s All—You’ve Completed The Process!

At this point, you should have a sitemap of the available pages on the site.

Final Thoughts

Since this service is provided for free and generates a thorough report, I certainly encourage you to donate to the creators if their service provides value to you.

Full disclosure, I’m not an affiliate, just sharing a free tool that can be useful to a lot of readers.

If you have any inquires, share them in the comment section.

Looking forward to connecting with you soon!