How to Center Your Instagram Embeds

A little code goes a long way.

In this article, I share how to center align embedded Instagram images in your blog post.


If you’ve ever tried embedding an Instagram post into your blog, then you might realize that the native code automatically aligns your Instagram photo to the left.

To some, this isn’t a big deal but if you’re anything like me, then this can be a tinsy bit maddening. Thankfully the fix for this is simple!

Copy and paste the following code into your blog post, then replace “Paste the embed code that you copied from Instagram here.” with the embed code that you copied from Instagram.


<div align="center">

Paste the embed code that you copied from Instagram here.



Doing this will make your embeds go from this:

To this:


Let’s breathe a sigh of relief together.

Have questions about other quirky web or coding issues? Ask away in the comment section.




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