How To Make A Youtube Subscribe Link

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In this article, I share how to create a link to your YouTube channel that automatically prompts visitors to subscribe.

Ensuring that all the links that lead to your YouTube channel automatically prompts visitors to subscribe is one of the easiest and most hassle-free ways to gain new subscribers. So, instead of linking to your YouTube channel by using the standard format,, you should add the following code to the end of the url on your YouTube homepage:


If you have already selected a username for your channel, then your url will look like this:

Remember to change the username (in pink) from my channel’s username to your own. Want to see how the prompt looks? Click here.


If you don’t already have a username, then your link will look like this:

Remember to change the channel code (in pink) from my channel’s code to your own. Want to see how this prompt looks? Click here.


Tip: Although your destination url will now automatically prompt visitors to subscribe to your channel, you can still use your standard url as your url description. It’s easier for visitors to recall your direct channel link than the long auto prompt subscription link—besides, it’s more aesthetically pleasing to look at.


You can also use a url shortener in order to create shorter sharable YouTube subscribe prompt links to your channel. Definitely easier to remember and share.



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How to Create YouTube Auto Subscribe Link

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