How to Start a Blog

Less than a decade ago, you’d probably need thousands of dollars to hire a web developer or at least a year of your time to learn how to set up a website. Thankfully, those days are long gone!

In this article, I share a simple way to build your website or blog by using Bluehost* as a domain registrar and hosting service provider.

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Click here after purchasing your domain and hosting, to start the process. 

Here are a few quick things that we will cover in the article:

  • Selecting Hosting for Your Blog
  • Registering Your Domain Name
  • Account Setup
  • Installing WordPress on Bluehost

After following these four steps, you should be the proud owner of your new space on the web! Let’s get started.

Selecting Hosting for Your Blog

When you use this link you will automatically receive some savings that might not be otherwise available by visiting the site directly. 

After clicking the link above, the following page should load.
Click the “Get Started” button to continue:

After the following page loads, select the best hosting plan for your website. No worries, I share a quick breakdown of the plans right below, continue to scroll.


If you’re interested in launching by saving as much money as possible on the onset, consider the basic plan. You get to build 1 website, with a max of 50GB of website space. The plan also includes 5 email accounts with 100MB of storage allocated for each account. 


I recommend the Plus Plan because you get more bang for your buck. There are four key bonus that you would have with the Plus Plan that you wouldn’t have in the Basic Plan. Unlike the Basic Plan, the Plus Plan:

  • allows you to launch an unlimited number of websites
  • doesn’t cap your website space at 50 GB
  • allows you to have a unlimited number of parked domains or sub-domains
  • allows you to have an unlimited number of email accounts with unlimited storage—this is major, 100MB in email storage might not be enough


If you’re already considering the Plus Plan then you should move to the Choice Plus Plan—it should be the same price, with two major added bonuses. The Choice Plus Plan includes:

  • 1 Domain Name Privacy
  • SiteBackup Pro

Domain name privacy makes it difficult for spammers to find your contact information. I happen to use a business address when registering my domains, but chances are you’ll be using your home address and personal contact information. If that’s the case, then you definitely want to opt for domain name privacy. 

SiteBackup Pro is essential for rolling back to a prior stable version of your site. Not having a site backup system in place means that you’re one hack away from having to rebuild your entire site and losing your credibility with Google. Completely worth the extra dollars.

Registering Your Domain Name

Hopefully, you already have a fun domain name selected for your new online home. However, before moving forward with registering your domain name, on Bluehost, let’s hop over to to ensure that the name is available.


Namecheckr is an online platform that makes it easy for you to check the availability of a name across multiple social media platforms and domain name extensions.

Checking the availability of your domain name, before attempting to purchase on Bluehost*, will save you a bit of time.


Start by typing your potential domain name in the box.

Tip: You don’t need to add the .com extension when typing in the name.


Check to see if your domain name is available as a .com. If it isn’t a red “not” sign 🚫 will display in the upper right corner of the .com square.

Tip: You can also see if the username is available on other social networks or for other domain extensions like, .net or .org. 


If your domain name is available as a .com then, a green checkmark ✅ will be displayed instead of the red “not” sign.


If your domain name is not available as a .com, click the “Load More Options” button to see if the .co extension is available.

Tip: .co extensions are a great alternative to the .com.

Now that you’ve confirmed that your domain name is available, you’re ready to move forward with registering your domain name with Bluehost.comº.

You can purchase your domain name form Bluehost or you can actually get 12 months of domain name registration for free when you purchase 12 months of hosting. 

If you have already selected your 12 months of hosting plan in the previous step, way to go! Let’s continue.

After typing in your domain name, move on to the next step by clicking the “next” button. On this page, complete your biographical information. Then scroll down to the next section.

In this section, confirm the account plan that you would like to purchase, then select any other package extras that you might desire and continue to scroll. Package extras are totally optional.

In this section, you’ll be required to add your credit card payment information. After completing this information, confirm the you have read and agree to Bluehost’s conditions (if you agree). Then click the “Submit” button. A payment for the hosting plan will be processed at that time.

Account Setup

After completing your purchase, you will be prompted to choose a password for your account. Click the “create your password” button to get started.

When the page loads, you should be prompted to create your password. Follow the guidelines on the page while creating your password. Upon completion, click the “next” button. Be sure to take note of your new password, it will be needed to access your account in the future.

After successfully creating your password, you will be led to the following screen. Move forward by clicking the “log in” button to sign in to your account.

After logging in, you should see the following landing page—prompting you to select a theme. 

Installing WordPress on Bluehost

 If you’re up to this part then, congrats! At this point you have already:

  • selected and purchased a domain name
  • purchased a hosting package
  • setup your Bluehost account

You’re now ready to install the WordPress content management system.

Reminder: If you use my affiliate link to sign up for Bluehost,  I’ll set up your WordPress installation—completely free—as a thank you.

Click here after purchasing your domain and hosting, to start the process. 

Now, let’s get back to the “Pick a Theme” screen. 

At this phase, you have the option of selecting any theme that you would like to use as the basis of your website.

After picking a theme, you’ll be redirected to the “All done” screen. Click the Strat Building button to begin the setup of your WordPress platform.

At this screen you can select the business or personal option. Bluehost has a step by step guide that helps you setup your WordPress site as pain-free as possible.

After completing the guide, you will be lead to this page. Here you can start working on blog posts, pages, your navigation menu or even install WooCommerce to begin selling your products on your new site.

When you’re ready to launch your site, return to this page by selecting “Bluehost” from the upper left option in the menu. The click the “Launch” button.

Clicking the “Launch” button will lead you to this page. At that point, you can move forward with adding a title and description for your site.

After following the short guide, you will have officially launched your site. You will then be led to this dashboard where you can control your current site and any other future WordPress sites that you install. 

That’s all there is to it!

If you followed the steps, you should be the proud owner of a new website or blog on WordPressed hosted by Bluehost.

Please feel free to drop your link in the comment section below, after launching your platform. If you found this useful, share with someone you know.

Question? Drop them in the comment section.

how to start a blog—a step-by-step guide to launching your blog on wordpress + an amazing freebie!

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Thanks for reading!

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