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I help content creators launch their WordPress blogs within one week—then, I provide hosting, security and technical support to help them maintain it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about Launch Your Blog Workshop.


What's included with Launch Your Blog Workshop?

The following is included in my Launch Your Blog Workshop: 

  • 2 Hour Virtual Workshop to Review and Plan Your Blog Before Launch
  • WordPress Site Setup
  • Basic Theme Installation—choose any theme on this site for installation, we can review the best option for you during our call.
  • Menu Setup
  • Logo Upload
  • Recommended Plugin Installation
  • Page Creation
    • Home Page
    • About Page
    • Contact Page
    • Blog Archive

Website Maintenance — $99 per month

  • Includes Website Hosting
  • Daily Website Backups
  • Vulnerability Monitoring and Security Updates
  • Website Theme & Plugin Updates
  • Technical Support via Email
What's the cost of the Launch Your Blog solution?

As a frequent shopper, I appreciate transparency around pricing.

This is why I offer one comprehensive solution, $999 flat fee, plus $99 per month which includes website hosting, security, maintenance and technical support.

When we work together, your only concern will be creating your content, everything else is up to me.

Does your Launch Your Blog Workshop include custom website design?

The resources required to complete a custom site design would ultimately cost you upwards of $10,000. 

This price point can hinder many content creators from creating their online platforms—which is why our goal is to launch your site as efficiently and affordably as possible.

The quicker you can get to publish your content and establish your platform online, the faster you can reinvest in a custom website solution as your business continues to grow.

If you’re interested in a full-suite custom website and branding design, contact me for a recommendation.

Let’s ensure that this is the best solution for you; schedule a free fifteen-minute call to discuss, no obligation required to work with me. 

I have my own hosting, can I get a discount on the monthly fee?

Unfortunately, the overall security of your website hinges on your hosting this is why my comprehensive solution includes hosting.

Thankfully, many hosting companies give a refund for any unused hosting coverage. So, you should be able to negotiate a refund for time not used.

Can I cancel my website maintenance after launching?

If you cancel your maintenance support, you will need to migrate your site to your own hosting platform within 7 days.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide support with migration from our site, but we are willing to share any information that your new developer would need to complete the process.

Please note that there might be down time with your site while migrating to another host if your migration is not completed professionally.

Hello, There!

I’m Jay, a New York City-based techie, blogger, designer and photographer.

After over 15 years of creating websites for my clients, I’ve decided to help content creators comprehensively launch, maintain and secure their WordPress blogs so that they can focus on creating content, building their businesses and providing lasting value to their audiences.

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