I booked my first paying client for web development.


I was still in high school, with a 56K dial-up connection, a lot of patience and crazy passion.


I haven’t looked back since.

Today, as a website consultant I help digital influencers, like you, to create beautiful websites that are reflective of your style and brand.

I do that in a few ways:

Through Teaching

If you’re ready to learn, I’m here to teach you everything that you need to know about creating and managing a website, the simple way.

My aim is to get you from idea to launch as efficiently as possible, so that you can get to the real work—sharing your message and being a positive influence in your community.

By Creating

While a lot influencers are up for a little DIY, some aren’t.

This is why I also create simple, template based, sites for influencers who want to go from idea to launch—like, yesterday.

Here’s how you can get started:

Latest Articles

If you want to learn how to create a beautiful website that not only captures your vibe but also attracts your tribe, get started by reading some of the latest articles on my blog.

Be sure to check back again soon to read the new Website 101 series, where I go over all of the basics of a website.

Work with me

I’m crafting a special package just for the influencers who want me to create their simple template based site, without breaking the bank.

I’ll send out a special email when the package is ready for launch. The only way to get that email is to join the eTeam.


10 Fun Facts About Me

  1. I’m a total Pinterest-a-holic—the evidence.
  2. I love bass. No, no…not the cute stuff on your stereo but this type of bass.
  3. My big bro introduced me to Dragon Ball as a teen and I’ve been stanning ever since.
  4. Rih-Rih can do no wrong in my book and it’s not just because…
  5. I’m West Indian American.
  6. In fact, I’ve actually moved more than 7 times in my life.
  7. I have a thing for stationery—you can’t go wrong with gifting me a gift card to stationery store.
  8. I love acting, singing and I dance like Mary J. Blige.
  9. I’m a techie, unapologetically.
  10. I love the Lord—Amen!
  11. Bonus—I loathe the smell of flowers, more chocolates please!
  12. Bonus, bonus—I’m multi-passionate, so web consulting is just one of my many pursuits. This entire platform is an example of niching. 🙂


Want to connect even more? Get in touch with me here.