The “Professional Blogger” Experiment

Join me on my journey from earning $0 to $100K—as a professional blogger.

If you’ve stumbled across my Instagram, or Twitter bios, then you’ve probably noticed that I’ve added the title “blogger” to my list of vocations. In this article, I discuss why.

I’ve always been curious about the world of professional blogging but never seriously explored this curiosity.

Yes, I’ve certainly dabbled with blogging before, but have never been a professional blogger. By that, I mean that I’ve never earned significant income solely from blogging about my life, pursuits, and interests.

Why the Sudden Pivot?

Here we are in the thick of a pandemic, and my urge to explore this world of professional blogging has intensified. Maybe it’s because I have more available time—or perhaps I need some catharsis. Either way, I’m thrilled to be motivated enough to follow this curiosity and begin an experimental journey into the world of professional blogging.

What do I hope to achieve?

This pursuit is an experiment of sorts—I’ll explain. Many people earn a decent amount of money while blogging. Still, not many of them are transparent about how they make money as a blogger, nor do they share the ups and downs of their journey to this professional blogger status.

This is where the experimentation comes in.

As a web developer, I’ve built and managed 282874778299 blogs, but as I’ve shared before, I have never earned money as a “professional lifestyle blogger.”

The goal is to develop this blog and to work towards earning $100K as a professional blogger and more importantly, track every step of my journey to that goal—I’m also insanely curious to see just how long it would actually take for me to meet that goal.

If I’m transparent there, I genuinely want to encourage other readers to go on similar journeys of their own. I know that it is possible to earn 100K from blogging, but I know that a lot of people believe that this is beyond reach.

If, by being transparent, I can inspire others to take the first step towards what might be financial stability for them, then my real goal will be met.

Now, based on my projections, it should take ~2 years (730 days) to meet this goal of earning $100K, with most of my earnings in the second year.

I also plan to chart my income and expenses for the blog until we reach the goal—the fun part.

JAYLABASTIEN.COM | Join me on my journey from earning $0 to $100K—as a professional blogger.

The Pros

I am a visual artist, web developer, and all-around techie—aside from my day job in Human Resources which we won’t really delve into here.

I share this because these skillsets will save me a lot of time and money as it relates to managing the branding and “tech stuff,” required as a professional blogger. However, I do plan on sharing low-tech, low-cost alternatives to the options that I choose for my blog—just in case you’re joining me on this journey and have a different set of skillsets. ☺

The Cons

I haven’t been a professional lifestyle blogger before, totally new here, so I have been taking a lot of excellent courses and will implement what I learn as I go along. I’ll share my favorite professional lifestyle bloggers and courses in future posts.

The Plan—Generally Speaking

I’ll slowly publish new content on my current blog at jayla.coyou’re on it right now—and transition it into the lifestyle blog that I know it can be. ☺

In upcoming posts, I’ll share a more detailed plan for the blog and my first list of expenses versus income. Spoiler alert: there is no income yet! lol.

In the meantime, share your thoughts.

What do you think of all of this? Care to join me on this journey? Let me know in the comment section.

Thanks for reading! Wish me luck!

Day 5/730

    1. Lean into what you already know a lot about, or even better, share your journey as you learn about something new. It could be a new hobby, business, or even a wellness journey. I guarantee that there are a lot of people in this world who would want to hear life, from your perspective. Visit to start a blog—literally the easiest way to test the water.

      If you do it, let me know—you’ll definitely have a new reader in me!

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