What is Web Hosting? Alternatives and Benefits

A website host is otherwise known as a service provider and this generally describes a business that will provide access to the availability to host websites or webpages.

Website hosts provide a service by offering storage space on computers that they will maintain. The types of computers that they generally maintain are called servers and they are known for their incredible performance, storage and uptime.

In exchange for a monthly or yearly rental fee, all of the assets from a website will be housed on these servers.

Users can then easily type in a url to access the address of the server and these files.

The Alternative

Without a website host as a website owner, you would be responsible for keeping a computer on and connected to the Internet with all of their website files. You would also be responsible for the connections accessing the files on their computer and all of the files loading the website.

If your website that has thousands of viewers each day, this may not be entirely possible especially if you still want to continue using your computer for a variety of daily functions.

The Benefits Are Worth the Cost

For a fee website hosts can make sure that the computer that houses the data for your website will remain up for users even as your viewership continues to scale.

You won’t be responsible for maintaining the computers with all of the files and many host even allow the chance to expand storage or expand the total number of visitors with a website all under the monthly fee.

Website hosts can also protect your website from going down. They offer secure server facilities ensuring that the physical server and data can remain safe for a website.

This is particularly useful if our website contains sensitive data and customer information. Having extensive security bundled with a web host can protect your customers and viewers—a much needed added benefit to having a professional website host.

Have any more questions about a website host? Leave them below. I’ll be sure to respond.

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