I’m Jay—a creative business owner, culture lush and former yoga instructor.

I’m also a total Dragon Ball enthusiast—let that be our little secret.

Born in the West Indies, the United States has been home since the age of nine. Although having lived in various states and territories—Virgin Islands, Alabama, Connecticut and Virginia—I’ve been rooted in New York City for almost two decades. Consequently, that’s where I was bitten by the creative bug.

My creative journey began during my teenage years. I devoted countless hours to learning graphic design and it was through this discipline that I stumbled across web design and eventually, web development and coding.

Obsession activated.

I was entranced by coding and used every opportunity to learn more about it. The obsession lasted years, enabling me to learn different languages and develop my familiarity with various content management platforms and web solutions. This passion eventually culminated into the establishment of my first creative studio.

I initially worked part-time within my studio because I still needed to go to school and work my “9-5 to stay a live.”

It was during this time that I began gaining interest in photography.

Lies. I actually fell in love with photography and I fell fast.

What started as taking snaps on my flip phone morphed into me evenutally purchasing my first DSLR, booking my first portrait session and adding photography to my list of creative services.

In my early twenties, I resigned from my 9-5 to work full-time within my creative agency.

This is when my life truly began to transform.

I’ll save more of my story for my personal thought catalog, C’est Jay L.AIn the meantime, remember to stay in touch.

Become an Insider here or send me an email at: jay[at]jayla.co. Continue to scroll to see some of my latest creative pursuits.



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